smitty’s idaho falls pancake recipe

smitty's idaho falls pancake recipe

smitty’s idaho falls pancake recipe

This recipe makes fluffy, soft pancakes. 

These pancakes are super easy to make. My passion is food, baking, and cooking. 

I enjoy creating new recipes as much as old favorites. I can teach you how to cook, from simple and easy recipes to more complex ones.

Customers are often taken back by the antique décor and old paintings when they walk into Smitty’s Pancake and Steak House. They still draw large crowds every day because of their unique dishes. I would recommend the pancakes. It is one of the best breakfasts in town. Jarrod Clifford stated that it was probably in the valley.

The Smitty’s Baby Dutch German Pancakes or the potato pancake are also popular. Potato chunks are added to the potato pancake batter.

Our pancakes are our family secret recipe. We do some of the dry and mixing parts. Only the family knows this secret. “Our steaks are hand-cut in-house,” Katrina Lott, co-owner of the company, says.

Lott said that their buttermilk pancakes are a favorite, but customers also love their chicken fried steak and fried chicken.

Michelle Harris, the customer said that she likes chicken snacks and salads and loves their ranch.

Lott believes that Smitty’s is true to their slogan – Everyone’s Favorite. She believes that quality is the most important thing in Smitty’s meals.

That’s why Smitty’s is different from everyone else in the valley, the food’s made fresh. It’s made while you wait. Jarrod Clifford stated that it doesn’t get much better than this.

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Basic Ingredients for smitty’s idaho falls pancake recipe

  • Two eggs 50g sugar
  •  50g milk
  •  200g wheat flour 
  • 15g baking powder 
  • Vanilla sugar 10g 
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt

How do you make smitty’s idaho falls pancake recipe

Milk and eggs should always be kept at room temperature To make eggs with sugar, whip the egg until it is fully dissolved. The mass should then lighten and increase in volume. Butter should be melted in either a water bath or microwave. However, the fire must be small so that it does not catch on fire. use a mixer or blender to knead your dough.

Pancakes should be fried in a well-heated pan. If bubbles form when the pancakes are fried, it means that the dough has been properly prepared. Wild berries can be added to the dough if desired. Serve with maple syrup, honey, or condensed milk. Enjoy your meal. We hope enjoy this smitty’s idaho falls pancake recipe post.

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