mary berry stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon

stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon

Basic ingredients for stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon

  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 4 slices ham
  • 10 bacon slices
  • 16 stuffed green olives
  • 1/3 Cup of raisins
  • 20 small pieces of red bell pepper
  • 2 green onion (only the white parts)
  • 6 pieces cheese (I used 6 pieces of cheddar, each 2 inches long by 1/4 inch thick). mozzarella, gouda, fontina, etc.)
  • Olive oil Salt & Pepper to your liking

How to make stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon

  • Place one breast of chicken on a large piece of plastic wrap.
  • Butterfly the breast to make it double and keep it one-piece.
  • Wrap the butterflied breast in plastic wrap. Leave enough wrap around the breast.
  • Now Use a meat pounder or a rolling pin to flatten the breasts. Roll it up until it is about one-fourth inch thick.
  • A piece of aluminum foil should be cut to twice the breast size.
  • Place the flattened chicken breasts on one side.
  • Season the chicken with salt to taste.
  • The filling should be placed on the chicken. First, place 2 slices of ham on top. Next, add 3 pieces of cheese and about 10 red pepper pieces. Finally, add half of 1/3 cup raisins. Finally, add sliced green onion.
  • Five slices of bacon are added to the chicken. The meatier side should be placed on the tip of your chicken.
  • Start by gently rolling the chicken on one side, then roll the fillings onto the other. Once the chicken is rolled, roll the bacon around it.
  • After wrapping the bacon around the chicken, lift the roll gently and place it horizontally on foil. Drizzle some olive oil over the chicken.
  • Fold the foil in half, bringing it down towards the chicken. Twist the ends of the foil.
  • For the second chicken breast, follow the steps: Bake the stuffed chicken breasts for 25 minutes at 350° Fahrenheit.
  • Once the stuffed chicken breasts have been cooked, take them out of the oven and use tongs for opening the foil. There will be steam coming out.
  • To crisp the bacon, place both breasts in a medium-hot skillet for about 4 to 5 mins. SAVE ALL THE INGREDIENTS THAT ARE RESTARTED DURING THE BAKE.
  • When the breasts are cooked to your liking, transfer them onto a platter.
  • Mix the juices from the skillet with the bacon fat and let it simmer for 3-4 minutes.
  • Cut the stuffed chicken breast into 1-inch pieces and then pour the juices on top.

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