How to make swiss roll recipe mary berry

swiss roll recipe mary berry

How to make swiss roll recipe mary berry

This is a perfect recipe to make Swiss rolls at home. The filling of mixed fruit jam and desiccated coconut will remind you of your childhood days when you might have had this from a local bakery! Give this recipe a try and don’t forget to follow the instructions carefully. Enjoy!!

Basic Ingredients for swiss roll recipe mary berry:-

  • 4 egg yolk (18 – 20 gr/ yolk) – space tempt.
  • 20 g granulated sugar
  • 40 tsp milk
  • 40 tsp oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 30 g all-purpose flour
  • Thirty-gram Cornstarch
  • 4-egg white (Thirty – 35 gr/ egg white) – area tempt
  • Inch teaspoon cream of vinegar/lemon juice/cream of rust
  • 60 g granulated sugar


  • 125 ml whipping cream
  • 20-gram granulated sugar
  • You Might Also use fruits You Prefer
  • The baking tray is 38 cm span,24 cm width (inside), and a two cm elevation.
  • But this recipe could be properly used for marginally smaller sized or a bit bigger juicers.

How to make swiss roll recipe mary berry

Egg whitened, the bowl which includes egg whitened and also the whisks should not have any strokes of Body Fat for example spoonful, oil, butter otherwise, the egg white will not be in a position to turn foamy (or be summoned to stiff)

The baking temperature and time can change based on your oven. Some oven has unevenly warmth (upper heating is higher than underside heat or vice versa). So the ideal method is always to watch your cake. Make certain there is no crack on the top layer of the cake whenever it is baking. When your finger touches the cake, then it springs back is just a very superior sign displaying that the cake is about to be removed out of the oven.

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Love producing swiss roll cake.Good luck.

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