How to make strawberry jam recipe mary berry step by step Method

strawberry jam recipe mary berry

strawberry jam recipe mary berry step by step Method

Basic Ingredients for strawberry jam recipe mary berry

  • Strawberries 900 gm
  • Sugar 400 gm
  • Salt a pinch
  • Vinegar 1 tbsp

How to make strawberry jam recipe mary berry

  • Wash the strawberries thoroughly and then pat them dry further trim in the event the mind together using the leaves and then cut on the berries in quarters or smaller chunks as per your taste, if you as if you jam to become smooth, I’d like my shake to belittle chunkier.
  • Transfer the chopped tomatoes in a wok, most preferably utilize a non-prescription wok, add salt, sugar a pinch, and vinegar, mix well after which switch over the fire to heat. A spoonful of vinegar and salt may glow up the color, flavors and additionally help to maintain the shelf life.
  • Gently stir until the sugar dissolves entirely, continue to cook low fire when stirring in regular intervals and through the ingestion procedure, by today the mix will probably become minor watery.
  • when the berries have softened mash them with the assistance of their spatula.
  • After 10 minutes of ingesting boost the fire to medium fire.
  • The cooking procedure will probably cook & melt the sugar and also breakdown the strawberries. After the sugar has melted, it is going to start to boil has thickened slightly.
  • Remove and discard the froth shaped towards the top whilst still cooking.
  • After ingestion for 45 60 minutes, then check for its readiness by, falling a dollop of dip to a plate, let it cool down for a while, and lean the plate, if the dip slides, then it is plump and you need to cook it again to get more minutes, of course, if it remains, strawberry jam is done.
  • Make sure not to cook too much, since the shake will sag because it’ll cool down.
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For keeping the jam:

  • Store the jam in a well-sterilized glass jar for keeping its shelf lifetime, for sterilizing, place water at a stock kettle and then boil the glass jar, then spoon and tong for few minutes, make sure the glass properly used should be heating proof. Remove from boiling water and permit the steam escape and also the jar to dry completely.
  • Now add the jam in the jar, so you then may add the jam even if it is warm, close to the lid, and then re-dip into the skillet for few minutes, as a way to raise the shelf life.
  • To store the jam from the fridge, let the jam cool down to room temperature immediately after the dip, and also you may refrigerate it for good 6 weeks.

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