How do you make mary berry seafood linguine recipe

berry seafood linguine recipe

How do you make mary berry seafood linguine recipe

With this recipe, I’ll make you travel south of Italy and can explain to you how you can make seafood linguine that will taste fantastic even if your fish mix isn’t the best you might get!
Once I was still living in Italy being an adolescent, one of my favorite places to eat and go this dish was a restaurant called”Scapricciatiello” in the Gallipoli area in Salento: how much linguine that guy cooked!

Ingredients for mary berry seafood linguine recipe

  • 400gr seafood mix (calamari, mussels, prawns, etc)
  • 200gr linguine
  • 300gr Peeled Tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • One glass of white wine
  • parsley

How to make mary berry seafood linguine recipe

  • Get garlic and a few parsley stalks softly fry in a pan with plentiful EVOO;
  • Add the seafood mix and also a glass of wine;
  • Cook until the Majority of the white wine disappears;
  • Insert the peeled tomatoes: smash them with your hands gently and Ensure some chunks of them stay from the pan;
  • cook at low heat for Thirty Minutes or so, until the sauce thickens;
  • add the linguine into the mix when they are VERY Al-dente and prevent ingesting them for 90 seconds with all the curry sauce;
  • include parsley, pepper, salt, and function
  • ENJOY!

ITALIAN FOOD BOSS SPECIAL TIP: This dish is good with any sort of seafood mix you can find but, needless to say, the top quality and much more number the tastier! It’s possible to go wilder than me personally in this recipe!

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