How to make a chocolate fudge recipe is a simple way and unique method

chocolate fudge recipe

How to make a chocolate fudge recipe is a simple way and unique method.

Hii everyone welcomes you to this lovely chocolate fudge recipe and what we are going to do. today we’re going to make this easy chocolate fudge recipe simply delicious so without wasting much time let’s get started.

Basic Ingredients: –

  • dark chocolate 400 grams
  • 100 grams nuts
  • 3 tbsp butter

How to make chocolate fudge recipe?

The first step in making fudge at home is to chop up your chocolate now I’m using three ounces of semi-sweet chocolate and it is really important if you’re making this confection at home that you use chocolate so buy the best chocolate you can find and we’re only using a little bit of it three ounces to be exact so you know splurge go to the grocery store or your specialty shop and buy great quality chocolate.

Put a saucepan over the gas and we’ll put a little bit of water in it to boil. Take a heatproof bowl and put in it 400 grams of dark chocolate and put it on the double-boiled to melt.

Keep in mind that this heatproof bowl touch should not be made with saucepan water. After this, we will take 6 × 6 moulds and put butter paper in them. Take 100 grams of nuts in a bowl and chop them. Do not chop them too finely.

After the chocolate is melted, add 3 tbsp butter and mix it lightly. After this 450 grams will add condensed milk and mix with the help of a spatula. Keep in mind that our melted chocolate should not be too much cooled.

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Will leave this mixture at room temperature for 1-2 minutes. Now we will add nuts to this and mix it. We will transfer this mixture into the mold and tap it with the help of our hands.

We will keep the mixture of this mold in the freezer for one hour and after this, we will cut the pieces of it. Our chocolate fudge recipe is ready to enjoy it.

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