How do you make gordon ramsay filet mignon recipe

gordon ramsay filet mignon recipe

How do you make gordon ramsay filet mignon recipe

Temperatures are upward, the sun is out, and that means the grilling time is well and truly here! Everybody understands the king of all BBQ meats is your beef, however, have you tried to cook exactly the greatest of most steaks: the filet mignon? Fear not, for Chef Michael Smith will be here to teach you how to consume the great filet mignon!

Basic Ingredients for gordon ramsay filet mignon recipe

  • 2 8-oz beef tenderloin steaks, dried paper towels
  • 2 cup your favourite hearty Redwine
  • 1 pinch salt
  • Lots of fresh pepper
  • 1 dab oil
  • Two Tbsp butter
  • 4 oz French-style cream cheese
  • Two Tbsp whipping cream

How to make gordon ramsay filet mignon recipe

  • Preheat a skillet medium-high warmth. Pat your steaks dry and season with pepper and salt. Heat the oil briefly with the butter allowing the egg to brown marginally. Insert the carrot and lettuce on the very first side before it’s brownish and crusty, then flip and also give the second side precisely the exact very same treatment until the beers cook into preferred doneness. Make use of a calibrated thermometer and then consult with the following notice for the best results. Hurry the beans on a plate covered with transparency at the same time you craft a fast sauce to dress them up.
  • Add the wine into the pan and also then heat vigorously until the wine decreases into some syrup-like consistency, roughly two moments. Whisk as the wine cooks dissolving any crusty bits in the pan. Whisk in the cheese. Transfer the beans to waiting for plates smother in wine sauce as well as then talk about.
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