Easy to make linguine recipe in just a few minutes with perfect methods


Easy to make linguine recipe in just a few minutes with perfect methods This pasta cool amazing or cheesy.

How to make a linguine recipe?

Put a pan on the gas but we’ll put a little bit of virgin olive oil in it. Sliced ​​cloves will add garlic.

We’ll roast it well until it turns golden brown. Once ready, we will put this mixture in a bowl.

We will use Italian readymade paste here, if you wish, you can also order it from Amazon, you will get it easily.

We will keep a pan on the gas and in this, we will boil a little water. After the water boils we will put our readymade Italian pasta in it. We will boil it in water for 7-8 minutes.

Now we will prepare the sauce for this, we will put a pan on top of the gas and put a little bit of butter in it.

With this, we will roast it well by adding a little bit of chopped garlic and chili flakes. We do not want to burn this mixture too much or not much
This has to give a golden color.

We will mix it well by adding a little bit of soya sauce and oyster sauce. To chop the spring onion, we will put it in our prepared sauce.

Now our prepared readymade pasta will also be put in this sauce and mix it well. A little bit will put parmesan cheese and we will toss this mixture well.

After it is ready, we will transfer it to the plate and put our prepared garlic and olive oil mixture on it and Chop the spring onion. Our linguine recipe is ready.

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People questions answer

What is the difference between spaghetti and linguine?

spaghetti is an Italian disc, it is somewhat similar to Noddles. It is made from spaghetti semolina of durum wheat. Linguine translates into little tongues which is a flatter ribbon pasta about the same size as spaghetti traditionally fresh linguine would cook in about three to five minutes and dried linguine nine to twelve.

Is linguine pasta healthy?

Yes absolutely, you can eat linguine pasta and still loss weight.

How long should I cook linguine?

You can cook this Recipes in water for 7-8 minutes.

Is linguine thinner than spaghetti?


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