Easy to make carne asada fries recipes in just a few minutes

Easy to make carne asada fries recipes in just a few minutes with amazing and unique methods. This recipe is really good.

How to make carne asada fries recipes?

We will put 3 big garlic cloves in a mixing jar and after adding a little cilantro, grind it well in the mixing jar.

After this, we will add half a tablespoon cumin and d couple of tablespoon brown sugar to it. Kosher salt and pepper juice of a lime.

Couple tablespoon Soy sauce and add chosen avocado oil and mix well.

Now we will put flat meat in a plastic tray and put our prepared marinade mixture on top of this flat meat.

We will cover it and keep it in the fridge for a few hours. Now we will try a tin and put frozen french fries in it. You will get it from any market place.

I guess Rosie’s in the pizza oven. Now we’ll take guacamole and cut it out and take out the middle part in a bowl and mash it well.

Add some white onion for a little crunch and tang some sliced ‚Äč‚Äčtomato a little cilantro a little adobo sauce from some Chipotle peppers for a little Smokey heat salt and pepper.

Add half Lime juice and mix it well.

How to make the White sauce?

Take a big bowl and put 2 tablespoons sour cream in it. Add mashed garlic and half lemon juice.

The cayenne powder will add a little bit of heat cumin and little stinky feet. Add a pinch of salt and pepper.

We will mix this mixture well by adding a little bit of squeeze hot sauce. Take a pan and put 3 tablespoon cheese sauce in it.

Shredded Monterey will add jack cheese and three tiny bit of Chipotle will add chili powder. Turn on the gas and we will melt this mixture by placing this pan on top of it.

Take out our flat meat kept in the fridge and we will heat it well over the gas. Keep in mind that we will not cook it for a long time, we will bake it for a couple of minutes.

When the bubbles come on the cheese sauce, then we will stir this cheese mixture well. After the Carne (flat meat) is ready, we will take it out on a plate.

With the help of a knife, we will cut small pieces of this Carne (flat meat). Now we will remove the frozen french fries from the pizza oven and put them in a pan.

We will put our prepared cheese sauce on it. Put pieces of chopped Carne (Garlic) and Garlic white sauce.

We will put the prepared mixture of guacamole and put the little bit on the cilantro top. Our carne asada fries recipes are ready.

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