recipe for roast goose by jamie oliver

recipe for roast goose by jamie Oliver

Basic ingredients for recipe for roast goose by jamie oliver

  • 1 10-12 lb (3.45-5.5kg) goose
  • 1 lb (454g), small waxy potatoes
  • 1 quart (946mL), black cherry juice
  • 1 14 lb (946mL), chicken stock
  • 1 batch of fresh sage flour Christmassy spice (I used ground cinnamon and ginger) dried chili flakes (or any dried chili product like cayenne) salt and pepper

How to make recipe for roast goose by jamie oliver

  • Place the goose on a roasting tray. Remove everything from the cavity
  • Lay the fat around the goose, including the neck and giblets, on a tray. You can create a diamond pattern with a sharp knife over the entire goose’s skin and fat layers.
  • Season the goose on all sides with salt and Christmas spices. Make sure to rub the spices into any skin that is left.
  • After this, Place the bird breast-side down in the pan and place it in a cold oven. Turn the heat to 300oF (150oC). While the bird roasts, boil the potatoes for about ten minutes. The potatoes should be drained and placed in one layer on a baking tray or flat baking sheet. The goose should be roasted until it reaches the desired internal temperature.
  • You can make the breast pink by cooking it at 135-140oF (57-60oC). This took me approximately 45 minutes. However, the USDA warns that any poultry less than 165oF (74oC), could cause foodborne illness.
  • Remove the bird from the oven. Cut the breasts in half. After this, Place them on a plate and cover them with plastic wrap. Turn the goose so that its thighs face up. You can also stabilize it by letting its legs hang above the tray’s edge.
  • Pour enough of the rendered goose fat onto the potatoes so that they are completely coated and covered on the tray. Salt and pepper to season the potatoes. Place the bird and potatoes in an oven at 400°F (200°C). I roasted the bird for 45 minutes until the meat reached a temperature of 175°F (80°C).
  • The potatoes and goose should be taken out. You can crush the potatoes with a glass until the skin begins to pop out. Then, put them back into the oven. Remove the goose from the tray and set it aside. You can remove as much fat as you want from the tray using a ladle, but leave behind the solids.
  • You can put the fat aside as you will need it later. Also, you can freeze any fat that you don’t use. Turn the oven to medium heat. Add enough flour to the fat and mix it with the butter.
  • Stir it in until it turns brown and smells good. Then, add the cherry juice slowly to the mixture, making sure to deglaze the pan as necessary. Now You will need to add enough chicken stock to get the desired thickness.
  • Keep in mind that the flour will not thicken the liquid completely until it boils. Salt, pepper, and chili flakes can be added to the gravy as needed. To extract the flavor from the gravy, simmer it for as long as possible. Stir occasionally to ensure that nothing sticks or burns. Make sure you check the potatoes
  • Flip each one over once their bottoms have turned brown. The wings and legs of the goose can be cut off. The legs should be separated from the thighs. Separate the drumettes and wing tips from the drumettes. Look for other pieces of meat on the carcass that you can cut off.
  • The carcass and wings tips can be bagged for stock or soup and placed in a container. Take out all solids from the gravy, and then strain them. You can thin the gravy by adding water to it.
  • Keep it warm by putting it in a container. Once the potatoes have become crispy and brown, add fresh sage to the potatoes and place them in a warm place. Heat a thick layer of goose fat in a large saucepan on medium heat just before you are ready to eat. Place the breasts of the goose in the pan skin-side-down.
  • Fry them until crispy and the meat is reheated. Then remove the breasts and continue the process with the legs, thighs, and drumettes. Put the mustard greens in, then take them out.
  • Before you add more, the greens will need to be wilted down. To get the greens to cook, add a little water to the pan and deglaze it. After the greens have wilted, add salt and pepper to your liking. Keep the greens warm by putting them in a bowl. Enjoy this recipe for roast goose by jamie Oliver.

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