mary berry sausage roast recipe

sausage roast recipe

How to make sausage roast recipe

  • Perfect sausages can be cooked by boiling first You can boil beer in water, The ale adds a richer flavor to the dish. Bring the beer or water to a boil. Now Reduce the heat to a simmer, then add the sausages.
  • Make sure they are well covered. After about 10 to 11 minutes, check the probe. After the temperature reaches 75oC, remove the probe and grill or fry on high heat until golden brown.
  • Oven cooking I used to hate sausages that were cooked in the oven until I began adding water to them. Now put a little water in an oven dish. Then, place the sausages on a rack. The rack with the sausages should be placed in the oven dish. The sausages should not touch the water. It’s there to steam the sausages while they cook.
  • After cooking for about 15-20 minutes at 160oC (fan-assisted oven), check to make sure it is 75oC. You can always brown the sausage if it is not brown enough. Frying will produce a more greasy sausage, but with great flavor. It’s important to be gentle when frying.
  • Use a small amount of oil or a nonstick pan to fry the sausages. To cook the sausages, a little fat should be removed from the pan. They will not be great sausages if the pan is full of fat and water. Don’t waste your time on cheap sausages. They were done on medium heat, turning once or twice for 22 minutes. They were perfectly cooked when they were tested.
  • Grilling is an excellent way to crispen the skins. Don’t heat the sausages on high heat. After 15 minutes, turn it over and probe. You should never poke a real sausage when cooking it. Due to the poor state of the industry following the Second World War, it was quite common to poke sausages. Because of the rations, sausages were full of water and bread to the point that they would explode when cooked. This is why the name “bangers” was given.

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