mary berry hedgehog cake

mary berry hedgehog cake

mary berry hedgehog cake

Basic ingredients for mary berry hedgehog cake

  • 2 X 25 cm sponge cakes, or one cake large enough to cut two 2.5-3cm slices
  • 750g Chocolate buttercream frosting Black frosting white Frosting
  • 1 Black candy ball for the nose.

How to make mary berry hedgehog cake

  • Cut the dome off the cake into two pieces, 2.5cm to 3cm in height. Use a little chocolate buttercream frosting to sandwich the two pieces of cake together.
  • Leave a central section of 11cm (reserving any offcuts. Cut off two angels from one end of the cake to create the point that will become the nose of your hedgehog. Use the butter cream frosting to make the hedgehog’s back.
  • Take the two semi-circle pieces and place them together. Don’t forget to trim and hang. Buttercream frosting can be used to cover the entire cake. Add the cut pieces to a bowl.
  • Mix 3 Tbsp buttercream frosting into crumbs. The crumble mixture can be used to make the hedgehog more round. Cover it with frosting Pipe a chocolate frosting ‘brow’ on the hedgehog’.
  • Then, add a thicker layer to the back. Use a palette knife to smoothen the frosting. Use a fork to create a texture that looks like the hair of a hedgehog. To make the chocolate sticks look like spikes, pipe the candy on top to create a nose.

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