How to make sonny’s catfish bait recipe?

How to make sonny’s catfish bait recipe?

today on bail boats and beers we’ll need

some homemade catfish bait is

something my great-grandpa used to make.

For this bait, you need three

main ingredients you need a cheese-based

catfish bait that you can get from

Walmart or sporting goods store this

the bait I got from Walmart you’ll need

cotton balls or cattails

and what you’re needing these for is the

fibers and you’ll see what that’s for a

a little bit later the third ingredient is

cereal you can use Wheaties corn flakes

and about any other cereal okay guys the

The first thing I’m going to do is get this

bait out of the jar so I can mix the

rest of the ingredients in it it’s a

good idea to wear gloves with this fear

unless you want your hand to smell for


I was thinking I’ve got most of the bait

out of the jar first thing I do is start

tearing some cotton balls and mixing

that in with it and this is the main

the thing about this bait is the cotton

balls or cattails

because once you get on these fibers in

them you can easily wrap them around a

regular hook instead of having to use a

dip base punch or something like that

you can wrap these around a regular hook

let’s start mixing that

all right I’ve got three to four cotton

balls mixed into it and as you can see

it’s starting to get pretty stringy and

that’s what we’re looking for

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so you can put this in about any dipped

bait and kind of make it your own

I’m going to start adding some

cornflakes to it and I’ll just smash

them up with my hand as best I can and

start mixing them in all right I’d say

this is about my fifth handful of

cornflakes you know probably be about

good after this there’s nothing too

scientific about this like I said you

can use about you need it to bait and and

just experiment with it and see what you

like the best you can always add more

ingredients if you like or do something

different with it all right about got it

all mixed up and as you can tell it’s a

a lot thicker than when I first started

with it so it’s going to stay on the

hook a lot better than just the regular

dip bait I can probably fit it in the

original container here that it the dip

bait came in because they worked quite a

bit of space in there and will then

filled at the top just get this stuff in

here like that

alright I’ll demonstrate me putting it

on the hook alright this is the hook I

like to use with it for fishing for the

catfish down in our pond

it believes it’s a size 2 bait holder

hook and if you’re going after bigger

catch you’re going to want something a

little stronger than that but I’ve got

me a little glob of bait here and what

you’re going to do is just kind of twist

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it around your hook and those cotton

ball fibers will twist right around and

get a good hold on the hook and yeah

this will stay on even in a

you know even in a river so that’s how

we like to do it thanks for watching

guys hopefully this helps you out if

you’re out trying to catch some catfish.

I hope you make this sonny’s catfish bait recipe in easy way.

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