How to make lemonade scones in a very simple and easy way

How to make lemonade scones in a very simple and easy way.

Welcome back to my kitchen My mum recently had a go at making scones she failed. Today we’re going to have a go at making the lemonade scone recipe Muriel who’s 92 can do it.

There’s no reason why we can’t we’re going to take three and a half cups of self-raising flour. which I’ve got in the bowl and we’re going to add one cup of lemonade.

just plain lemonade and one cup of cream as well Muriel just threw it all in and mixed it with a knife.

so I’ve just got my grand old flat blade knife.

just folds it through gently gentle is something that I struggle with so I don’t know we just have a go here.

she kind of just mixed it all until it was only just combined.

she dumped it out onto the floured surface and just gave it the slightest of needs. I don’t know I’ll have a go just this is my kind of kneading there were no scone cutters involve at all seems to be a bit like here.

I guess we try that okay and then she just cut them into squares like a bit rustic random.

just I don’t know to bang them onto the tray the all right it’s not that technology is it.

How to bake lemonade scones in oven ?

we’ll if they work then she got some milk so Muriel uses her finger to put the milk on.
so we’ve had the oven preheating at 220
and we’re going to cook them for about 10 to 12 minutes on 220.

all right well we’ll see if they’re any better than my mom’s so into the oven and I’ll see you in 12.

so our scones have been cooking for 10 minutes and they look not too bad.

I think Muriel was on a winner she knows her stuff scones. don’t have to be a catastrophe I guess I’m thinking the trick is maybe not to give them too much attention

which is fine in my book slap a bit of jam on that and slap a bit of cream and I reckon we’ve done Muriel brown.

so that is our CWA three-ingredient lemonade scones see mum no reason why you can’t do this enjoy.

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