Easy to make funnel cake recipe in just a few minutes

funnel cake recipe

Easy to make funnel cake recipe in just a few minutes with amazing and unique methods. This is an American jalebi dish.

Hello friends, welcome to our new post my name is Nkdhiman from Punjab India. I am talking about this funnel cake recipe easy and unique methods. let’s see how to make these recipes step by step process.

How to make funnel cake recipe

Put a frying pan on the gas and the flame medium of the gas. We will add one cup of oil, put one egg in the bowl, and whisk it well.

In this, we will add half a cup of milk and 1.5 tablespoons sugar and mix it well. Put 3/4 cup maida in a bowl and then we will add 1/2 baking powder and mix it well.

1 pinch of salt and mix it. After mixing this fine flour mixture in the egg mixture, mix it well. Keep in mind that it should be smooth.

How to use a zip lock bag and funnel?

If this mixture becomes thick, then we will add some milk to it. Once ready, we will fill it in a zip lock bag.

Take a hole in this zip lock bag and while pressing it with the help of hands, it will be made in oil in the shape of a big jalebi.

When it turns golden brown then we will turn it over. After it is ready, we will take it out on a plate, on top of this we will put powder sugar.

We will prepare this with the help of a funnel, put our hands under the funnel and fill our prepared butter mixture in it, and in the same way, we will make it in the shape of a big jalebi in oil.

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On top of this, we will put 2 tablespoon strawberry jam and on top of that, we will put sliced ​​strawberry if you want you can also put banana.

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