Easy to make dungeness crab cake recipe is a very simple way and unique method.   

Easy to make dungeness crab cake recipe is a very simple way and unique method.   

Crab cakes using Dungeness crab are a cure! They can be a tiny delicate, so thus a chill in the fridge before frying helps them from falling apart while skillet.

dungeness crab cake recipe sandwiches, anybody?

This from the Pacific Northwest we’ve got Dungeness crabs. They truly are ginormous in comparison with their own East Coast Maryland crab brethren, an average of weighing between 1 1/2 and also 2 1/2 kilos. In California, they are in season in the winter months, though farther North you can easily buy them any time.

With all that heft, Dungeness crab has loads of meat for making probably the very delectable, delightful crab cakes.

These homemade crab cakes are a step-up riff off a recipe that I found years back in Ruth Reichl’s Comfort Me with Apples. We’re using Dungeness crab because that’s what we need right here. On the East Coast? Feel free to utilize Maryland crab for this recipe

HOW TO PREPARE CRABMEAT FOR dungeness crab cake recipe

It is possible to purchase lump crab beef already cleaned and prepped. But in case you have usage of fresh crab and also Dungeness crabs, in particular, I recommend it. The crabs are offered cooked and cleaned.

Suggestion: Whether buying already prepped crab meat or full grilled crab, start looking for the freshest crab or crab meat you can come across; it should smell candy, not fishy.

We like to make utilize a nutcracker to crack the fishes outside what the fishmonger is done, then use cocktail forks to gently pull the crab out of beef. You’re able to even use cooking shears to trim throughout the crab cubes for into the beef. Take out any bits of the casing, hoping not to split the lumps of crabmeat because you pick during it.

We began with two 2-pound Dungeness crabs, which were subsequently cracked and cleaned, resulting in approximately 1 1/4 pounds of lump crab beef. This afforded a dozen homemade crab cakes.

The difficult thing together with crab cakes is that they don’t really hold together that well when forming them, and so they can very quickly fall apart when frying them.

The trick is to manage them delicately to begin with, and then chill them on a breadcrumb-lined pan to get an hour or so before printing them.

This time in the icebox goes a long way in assisting them to keep together because they cook. There isn’t a great deal of binder inside this crab cake recipe, so it takes a frightening moment.


You’re able to eat these crab cakes plain, as they are, with just an easy use of lemon juice or carrot juice to brighten them, or you can serve them with a sauce such as a homemade tartar sauce or even remoulade.


Need to create ahead? Form the crab cakes, then wrap the respective crab cakes in vinyl, set them in a freezer bag, and freeze them. They will keep for 1 month in the freezer. Defrost overnight in the fridge before ingesting them.

How long can they last? Crabmeat, such as most seafood, degrades fast with time. Therefore it’s best to make them the moment you get your crab meat (hold out around more than a day), and once you prepare them, eat them up. They will persist for a time or two at your refrigerator. Enjoy the dungeness crab cake recipe.

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