Easy to make baked shrimp scampi Recipes in just a few minutes.

Easy to make baked shrimp scampi Recipes in just a few minutes.I’m going to make baked shrimp scampi bait, assemble the whole dish in advance, put a crunchy crumb topping on the top, and then bake it in 10 minutes before I serve dinner, I have two pounds of really large shrimp, I mean, they’re called jumbo, they’re called extra large forget that they’re 12 to 15 count, which means they’re 12 to 15 in a pound.

And then what I’m going to do is devalue then which is run my knife Franktown along the back and take the little vein out that’s right in there.

Don’t want that. You can buy them in the store like this, but I just thought it’s so easy to do, I’ll just do it myself.

So the second thing I’m going to do is butterfly them. Just run your knife right along the back and you want to open it up just sort of like a little book.

And then when I put them in the dish, the little tails are going to stand up like that. And also they’re very even, it’s going to cook very quickly because it’s half the thickness.

Okay, that’s it for the shrimp into a big bowl and some great flavors.
Okay, now, really simple, marinated, gives them lots of flavors, white wine, two tablespoons of white wine.

Three tablespoons of olive oil,
two teaspoons of salt,
one teaspoon of pepper.
Toss it all together.

And mixing like this incredible crispy topping with Japanese bread crumbs.
So I need one and a half sticks of butter. And then lots and lots of garlic for huge cloves of garlic.
Just gonna chop them up.

You won’t mince garlic because nobody wants to take a big bite out of garlic.
Okay, right in with the butter.
The next thing is the shower.

This is a very big shout out. So using one big shallot or if you have smaller ones to just a rough chop Dyson.
Okay, that’s one very big shallot. Now lots of fresh herbs.

Three tablespoons of Italian parsley,
Italian dish. Tiny parsley. Okay, just rough chop. cane parsley does have a little more flavor than the curly parsley.
Okay, so that’s about three tablespoons right in the ball.
Just to give it a little texture, one teaspoon of fresh rosemary.
Just a pinch of it.
It’s just a little pinch like one teaspoon. That should be enough. Okay, now a little heat. could have a teaspoon of
red pepper flakes, and lots of lemons.

And be sure you test it before you choose it. Otherwise, you can’t test. Okay, so one teaspoon lemon parsley, a girl like I mean, how bad can it be?
Okay, that should be a better teaspoon right into the bowl.

Two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Just add a little bit of liquid to catch the seeds.
Next, an egg yolk and that’s going to bind it.
Man mash it together. And then I’m going to add panko which is Japanese bread crumbs.

They’re sort of very light and airy. But if you can’t find them, we can always use breadcrumbs.

I find they’re available in seafood shops and especially source but find them in the grocery store now. Okay, two-thirds of a cup of Japanese bread crumbs or bread flakes.

So much flavor in this topping.
Okay, time to arrange the shrimp in the dish. So I’ve got a great tan dish which is about 14 inches long.

It’s not very deep. It’s like an inch and a half. But you can use any size. This is perfect for two pounds of shrimp. So when taking the cut part of the shrimp and just put it right down, flat in the dish with a tail curving up and in concentric circles around the outside of this dish.

And so now that shrimp are really, they’re quite thin, and they’ll cook quickly. And it might take a little time. When I’m getting ready for a party. I just hate cooking when my friends are there. So I find this very relaxing.
And the other thing is I never try out a new dish on my friends.

I hardly even do it with Jeffrey. When I’m entertaining, I want to be sure that the dish is exactly the flavor I want it to be, and that usually takes one or two tries. Okay, take what’s left olive oil and the white wine salt and pepper Porter of the top.
Now I’m ready for the topic.

This is good stuff. I’m just gonna crumble it all over the top. So if I were going to make this in advance, I would make it to this point and then refrigerate it and then bake it
Before my friends got there, but this is so delicious.

I want you to see how fabulous it is when it comes out of the oven. Okay, into the oven for engine 25 degrees for about 10 minutes, and all it’s going to need is a spritz of fresh lemon juice. The minute it comes out of the oven
got the smell so fabulous.our baked shrimp scampi is now ready.

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