Easy to make apple crumble recipe in just a few minutes

Easy to make apple crumble recipe in just a few minutes with amazing and unique methods.

Hii friends welcome my name is Nkdhiman and today I am going to show you this recipe in very easy steps so let’s get started.

How to make apple crumble recipes?

Take a bowl and hand crush the 8-10 biscuit’s 2 tablespoon butter. We will mix the biscuits crumbs and butter.

Take a mold and spread the mixture in it and press it. Now we will make a mixture of apple, cut all the apples, and peel them.

Put a little bit of water in a bowl and we will put 1 sliced ​​lemon juice in it and we will put our chopped apples in it.

We will put the nonstick pan on the gas and put it on the medium flame, we will put butter and sliced ​​apple in it.

We will saute them well, put 400 grams of chocolate cake in a bowl, and crumble it.

When our apples are cooked and soften a little, then we will put chocolate cake in it. Put the gas on medium flame.

Add 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder and mix it well. Mix 100 grams condensed milk and mix it well after turning off the gas.

Add the apple mixture onto the cake tin and spread it. To bake in the oven, the oven will bake at 180 ° C for 8-10 minutes. Our apple crumble recipe is ready and I hope you like and enjoy this recipe.

People’s questions answer?

What kind of apples are best for apple to crumble?

This is no matter, you can use any apples in this apple crumble recipe.

Is Apple Crumble eaten hot or cold?

Yes you can eat this recipe hot or cold

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