Easy to make air fryer brussel sprouts in just a few minutes

air fryer brussel sprouts

Easy to make air fryer brussel sprouts Recipes in just a few minutes.air fryer Brussel sprouts and they’re getting fancy with them. Now you can’t go to a restaurant anymore without these being one of the top things on the menu.

And I’ve got a recipe for Parmesan cheese, bacon, balsamic vinegar, lemon zest, garlic, and we’re going to do them in my ninja air fryer Max, exhale device I’ve had for just a few weeks. I’m John Sanders.

Let’s do some restaurant, style crispy Brussel sprouts. I’ve got two pounds of Brussels sprouts from Sam’s Club. I’m only using one pound or not.

This is kind of a test I mean by the dollar you come here all the time my wife. And I’ve never done them in the ninja air fryer mac sec sale.

So that’s kind of what this is to Nat I did buy this is kind of neat. And I’ll try and explain it The minute you say I bought it at a discount store for $2 and 49 cents. I’ll show it real quick, right, there’s the website, you get that, but we’re going to see how it does.

I don’t know if it works. But once I travel I’m going to cut him in half, cut them in half. Like I said, way out one pound, put them in here about a tablespoon of olive oil. I’m going to mix that up a little bit.

How to make air fryer brussel sprouts Recipes?

I’m going to put a small amount of Parmigiano before I cook them and the look and feel on the bacon bits I’m gonna put in say a tablespoon and see how that looks. Now makeup that salt and pepper and one clove of garlic, I’m going to break off one clove and mix that in there. And then like I’m telling you this because when I come back and this is going to be done other than I might bring you back and show you how that does.

So I’m gonna get those white-out, get them trimmed up, I’ll show you that part. Then I will get all that added in there.

I’ll be right back. There is my one pound of rants, Brussel sprouts, I have already done a couple of them with the tool I have. And I’ll be honest with you, it works pretty well. I mean, you just use it kind of like a pencil sharpener.

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You just hope that right there. And then you just turn it like you’re sharpening a pencil. And it does pretty, pretty slick just like that. Now, some leaves will fall off, but that’s okay. Because you can use those, they’ll crisp up in other words, but as I said, it’s worth having I’d say I mean it is a lot easier.

A lot of times when you cut them on the bottom, it kind of makes all the leaves fall off, but you can see how nice of a job it does. And yeah, I’m gonna get those done. Cut them in half, put my avocado, and all the other stuff we talked about now be wrapped back.

There they are one pound wash, ranch trimmed cut in half, I ended up using two tablespoons of the bacon base. Here’s what I’m using hometown original from Smithfield. And because I just felt that it needed more after I’ve mixed them up, I have got a tablespoon, maybe a tablespoon and a half of avocado oil.

I’ve graded that much of Parmesan cheese on here, I’m gonna put more accurate cooks and accurate cooks will add to the balsamic vinegar, I’m not gonna put it on now. So I want to do right now is mix this up. I’ve got this preheating own air roast at 375. I normally do 390 in the ninja foodie.

But I have seen this with cooks a little hotter. So like I say, I’m kind of testing this, I’m going to spray that basket with this. So in just a second, I’m going to open it up, I’m going to preheat for a full five minutes or so.

And I’ll be right back. One thing I forgot to mention is if you can see it, I have zested about that much lemon zest on top of there, and that you’d be surprised how much that does. And you don’t want to get into the white stay on the yellow.

I resisted it for years. But take my word, you will love it if you start using. So right now more open it up, we’re going to spray the basket. And we’re gonna dump those in.

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I’m going to make some just a little bit before I do that, and let you see it again. So you’re not Do you know look and feel about the bacon and all I got in there. And that’s about what I got. You might want more but that seems to be I think that’ll be fine.

For what I won’t open this up right now. And
don’t dopamine, just like that. shake him up just a little bit. Back in now. I’m going to set a time to 12 minutes.

That’s what we normally do, but I’m gonna be watching it. This is my first time so we’re off and running back. I think I’m on check them just a little early. Because they are smelling oh they’re they’re browning up nicely, no doubt. So I’m going to tell us those around Just like that right there, just slightly Canva.

And I did, I forgot to put salt and pepper on them. So I’m gonna do that real quick. Just a little bit ain’t a big deal. I do want some pepper on there, though. So I’m gonna do that real quick. And this route here one more time.

And we are getting him back in there.
So the more minutes we’ll look at him again,
I’m going to tell you some again, at three minutes, just because I want to see what they look like.

As they are smelling excellent, man, they smell really good. And I don’t want to tear him up too bad, just move them around a little bit, I may pull that one right there out just to test. I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

We don’t lock them cooked all the way mushy, we lock them crispy, and still a little bit of chew to them anyhow, way back when that’s timed out, or I’ll go by how this would after tasting that when I decided to let them go the full 12. And I think they’ll be perfect. So they are done.

And if I have my I honestly haven’t tested this one, so I’m not sure if it’s really hot on the bottom. So just to be safe. There they are. And that looks perfect. So what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna get him on this plate and get some, I’m gonna put some more Parmesan cheese on them. And a little bit of lemon zest, salt, and pepper.

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Now I didn’t notice they needed a little more salt. So I’m gonna get that done in a moved over here and I’ll be back. Okay, here’s how I’m going to dress them up. And this is how I would serve them just like this.

And just gonna take a little bit of parmesan cheese. Put across there like that as plenty, and then a little bit of lemon zest. And then I’ll probably put some of my Jacobsen salt on it my finishing so so that’s how they’re getting right there.

on that, and then this right here. When you serve in it, pour this I don’t eat them. I don’t put it on all of them. But I do drizzling over him so you don’t have to eat him on each one. But it’s as simple as drizzling down there.

There is what you can expect for one pound of Brussel sprouts. And that’s a decent amount. And the ninja did it great. I’m not gonna lie. So does a ninja foodie though.

Then it does it just as good. Now, this right here, I think a lot of people might resist that to balsamic vinegar, you can get it at any store. It used to be hard to get now it’s easy to get and you get the thick can is thick. That’s again, I put on here.

So I’ll get off with it. My point is, that is excellent. It makes a great side dish or just a main meal if you want to do but mainly a side dish. Anyhow, I’m not going to need any of that. Because I’ve already eaten it and it is excellent. Take my word you’ll love it. You try it. You’ll love it now, you may like yours a little less done or a little more done. But 12 minutes was perfect for me. Our air fryer brussel sprouts Recipes is ready.

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